All of this...

All these things,
Wishing it was a nightmare
Supposed to make things better but it just weighs me down.
Heart heavy with this hurt....
Searching for one thing
For a lifetime...
Denied it at every turn

I screamed so loud
And no one heard.
The words just didn't convert.
Ignored inside
And out. With an immature
"Knock that off, cut it out!"
Or my favorite "that never happened"...

The lies that rolled of tongues
In procession.
The unity is impressive.
All these oddities
I couldn't fathom
And the keys were just so close
For old times sake go ahead....

Tell me I'm verbose. Sick in the head

Poetry by Luna Nightshade
Read 309 times
Written on 2020-10-08 at 22:41

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