this poem seems to be addressed individually, but it is for all in this site...

for those that love me

I pray to be in your arms
You have turned my sadness to happiness
You have changed my hypocritic smiles to the good
You have made me realise that I am a human

I pray to be in your arms
Because your words are like stones pelted on me
They make me feel that I am the greatest
They make me understand what the world is

I pray to be in your arms
Because reading your penned words
Have shown me that somewhere in the distance we are together
Somewhere in Iran, we are enjoined by poetry and internet

Poetry by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 945 times
Written on 2006-06-11 at 02:54

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Victoria Pearson
forgot to rate the piece...sorry!

Victoria Pearson
All God's children are loved by Him..and so are you...Be happy young man....That is what makes living worth while....That and Prayer.....Take Care

Scharlie Meeuws
if someone pelted stones at me I would run....but I still think your poem is lovely

What a lovely tribute to your friends-bravo!

Kathy Lockhart
Thank you, I count myself in this group dear one. Your words are spoken from a loving and wise heart. Whereever you are and whereever the rest of the world is, the closeness makes us all as one. You are a part of that happening. :) kathy