Too soon to tell

An Emotion in Time

In a moment of emotive space
I searched for matching grace
Not sure of an outcome
Curiosity led me among
Same self others abound

Out of the ether appeared
An unexpected voice clear
A questioning apparition
Testing and teasing definitions
In a purely analytical style
That sparked my guile

Seeking answers I parry
With an intellectual query
That leads to a joust of language
Amidst simmering tears of anguish
Emptiness waits for a moment
Before energy begins to ferment

Bubbling anxiety tests fate
Anxiety that gives way
To a gradual draining of want
Supplanting hopeless rants
With cascading collapse
Of barriers to engaging synapse

Emptiness gives way to mystery
Around feelings of history
That supplants sorrow felt
Easing a transition from bereft
To a reality of impending care
That says something is there

I let my instincts take me
To wherever this may lead
Determined as is my nature
To never leave my future
To anyone else’s feat
or my happiness incomplete

Poetry by Kee Zealy The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 78 times
Written on 2021-04-13 at 17:09

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Well written Kee. You’re right though, too soon.