H's poem for children's book series

Hipperasurous Happening Hoopla

Harry Hippopotamus sang a happy tune.
Hannah Rhinoceros came dancing into the room.
Harry saw Hannah hopping from here to over there.
He offered her a hotdog and handed her a chair.
She took the offered hot dog and sat in that seat.
He held her hand so gently but stepped on both her feet.
Hannah hollered out in such a horrible roar
That Harry Hippo was blown through the hanging barn door!
The Hootenanny Hoedown was hyper that year.
Hannah lost her toenails and Harry lost both his ears!
It was a Hipperasurous Happening Hoopla
They fell in love doing the Hawaiian Hula
Harry wed Hannah and they went on their honeymoon
The Happy Hippeasurous family will be visiting us soon.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 945 times
Written on 2006-06-15 at 09:18

Tags Alphabet  Silly  Children 

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Cute and witty! Love it!

Pamela A Lamppa
Oh GOD. I just wanted to get to that Hootenanny Hoedown in the WORST way. Delightful. The title begged to be read and truly did not disappoint. LOVED it. Simply LOVED it. ~Pam

this so made me laugh,brings out the kid at heart for sure..lol!!!
gives a big :) loved it!!!

Christian Ward

Your alliteration and sparkling imagery makes this leap off the page. The children will love this. Makes me want to be a kid again

Malin Johansson
Well let me say this....
I smiled when I read this one, and I still do....C:
Sunny Regards

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
*lol* thank you for this wonderful poem I start singing while i was writing your poem! And now i feel soooo good! thank you :) you brighten up my day :)
take care

Lolololol. I wish I really was 4!