The Himalayan Mountains

Climbing the Himalayan Mountain, the air swept through my eyes
the snows mottled fumblingly, and I smelled the fresh scents of life
the tones of nature played beyond the pines

Without the voices of the birds, I can't feel the willows sing
down the wildflower sprinkled green grass, the ants mutter
the weavers wiggle to the drums of nature

I have never seen the world look so sweet like the tentacles of the Himalayan Mountains
purpled by the greenery-hands of Ganesh*
the beautiful creation of Krishna*, and mashed with bubbles from the Ganges

I have waited for so long, for this great experience
transpired by the juiceless fruits in the wilderness
the sonorous voices of the birds wake me up

Oh Lord Krishna! the power that holds the breathing heart
the Generator, Operator and Destroyer**
come into my breath and inspire me to live a sweet life on these mountains

suffuse me with the feminine and masculine sides of you
and make me whole; make me a fulfilled human
a jewel and fruit which thou hold with your four hands

Poetry by Onyeka Nwelue
Read 832 times
Written on 2006-06-17 at 02:10

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Hey, what's with the double post?
Any reason for that?
I know you do things purposefully.