remembrances and longings of a fictional character who lives within me.

Letters In The Attic

Lost in two different worlds
never to meet in person or time;
you belong to the distant past
as I belong to what is mine.

Connecting only through letters,
that you wrote when you were young.
You wrote them to another
before my life had begun.

As I sit here in this dusty attic,
surround by mem'ries of the ages,
I read each one so fervently
turning the yellowed dried pages.

You shared a love, tis true,
with a woman of considerable worth.
She became your eternal wife,
and to my mother, she gave birth.

It's true I never knew you.
I wish that I had been there
when you courted my grandmother
and gave her combs for her hair.

Holding the one that's left in my hand,
I am touched by this token of love.
Its pearls are forever gone missing
but not the velvet white dove.

The dove sits proudly upon the crest
with wings once flaked with gold,
telling me of a woman's black hair,
and how, down her back, it flowed.

A precious piece is tangled
woven between the broken teeth.
I touch it ever so gently
overcome with sorrow and grief.

As the tears fall from my eyes
and kiss the pages I'm reading,
I realize that your bond was strong;
t'was never waning or fleeting.

How I wish that I could find you
in a man that would love me so sweetly.
I want to live my life with one
who could love me so completely.

Alone in life, as I am now,
sitting in this place of yesteryear,
I yearn for someone to give me combs
to adorn my raven-black hair.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-06-17 at 05:55

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Yours Truly

The beauty that exudes from you
is well observed in the piece
the pain of love desired
is released in this piece

Know Kathy that you are adored
your heart I know desires a little more
that of a companion that man who
sees only you
a love that you know in your
heart & soul true

Well you I know will
find your one & only prince
How can I say this
with any confidence

Beautiful heart, beautiful souls
somehow find each other
it is how I and my best friend
found one another

So I believe in the strength
of love when it comes to
your beauty
Ms. Kathy Lockhart,
I wish you Happiness

Yours Truly


FYI: Love this write sounds like a soul searching could even be mine..

oh my. you are very taleneted
i read that and was transported right into the poetry. a hauntingly beautiful poem
good job!

Beautiul, this gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. There is something magical about treasures from long ago, I love reading old letters!

Zoya Zaidi
Family memorabilia fill you with such longing; a sad richness fills your heart,
You are at once happy and sad. But revisiting your roots does give you a sense of belonging. The lines talking about wanting to be wanted and loved, are very poignant indeed.
***Hugs Kathy***
Love, xxx, Zoya

Bekim Rauseo
Omg!!!!!! memoreis, AS you can tell I a m quite sentimental myself
I wish we alll could pocket emotions and things like these.

Malin Johansson
Very very very beautiful words here, a strong yearning of the deep love that you read about....
Sunny regards C:

Forever young, forever strong
In love is where your heart belongs
Beauty deep, untouched and pure,
In these portraits of words it pours..
Haunting and poigant, rich with desire,
Brillantly burning an inner fire....

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
lovely images lovley nostalgic dreamings and kathy my own Id is a knight in armour lololol hence Paladin poems well done rgds mike