About My eldest brother that passed away.
A great man...


In the middle of the day at a time joy was mine,
The world became a shattered place,
the sun lost it's shine...
The words heard on the telephone
were daggers penetrating my heart,
My knees weakened, my brother is gone
we are now worlds apart.
His voice and silly little jokes
come racing to bring a memory,
Smiles are quickley taken
as he was taken from me...
I remember the last conversation,
as if it was yesterday,
Your laughter my heart can hear
and the silly things you'd say.
I was proud to call you my brother, for
everything you stood for
and everything you meant to me,
I love you and I miss you Manuel
rest with the angels,
my brother you are free.....

Poetry by Donna Lee Marie Balderama
Read 818 times
Written on 2006-06-18 at 09:13

Tags Death 

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This is a wonderful tribute to your brother. I am sure the night sky is a little brighter, knowing he is there blinking silently to guide your night.

Zoya Zaidi
To lose a dear brother,
Is to lose a part of you,
To lose a part of childhood,
A part of your dreams-
dreamt together innocently-
With the ever loving brother.
To lose a brother is to lose
a very precious, irreplacable
part of you...

Please accept my condolences Donna!
((((Hugs to console you a little))))
Love, xxx,Zoya