I wonder where my pen's go,
When they're no longer here.
I wonder where my pen's go,
When they seem to disappear.

Where do all the pens go,
When it's time for bed.
Do they go to a tropical isle,
And laze about instead.

Do they go out climbing,
Up mount Everest.
Or do they go kayaking,
Down a ford instead.

Do they go out hiking,
On tandems made for two.
Or do they travel round the world,
Or stop at London zoo.

I wonder where my pen's go,
It really isn't very fair.
I often search through all the rooms,
As well as under stairs.

Is it because when they've wrote there most,
They seem to have reached there zenith.
Why won't somebody tell me please,
Where the planet pen is.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 24 times
Written on 2021-10-28 at 12:25

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During college days or my early days of employment,
I would use only one pen and preserve it perfectly,
I would purchase only one refill as a standby,
That pen would serve for a very long time,
I would write my exams in college with no worry,
If we have limited assets as per our needs,
We will be careful, frugal and also damn happy,
If our assets are too much, agony sets in soon,
Nice poem and I admire its truth and simplicity!

Superb lines that tell the truth,
I often give a pack of 20 pens
That wrote finely as my gift,
One pack costs me Rs. 60 only,
I give at times another pack
With 20 pens, but costs Rs. 200,
Truly speaking when I buy this pack
For me to write, the pens go away,
As 20 pens are there to my credit,
I use them carelessly with no brain,
I scold my wife and daughter
Though they never at all touched it,
I used to cry by asking my wife sadly
"Where did go all those pens dear?"
She would reply that she was unaware,
The poet has chosen a simple topic
And created a fine poem to tell the truth,
All the best dear for your lovely write!