An Act of Hope

What makes a poem?

And to whom do I turn

to find out?


Clark Coolidge's

answer differs

from that of Annie Finch!


Elena looks to Mary Oliver

and Jane Kenyon

and Padraig O Tuama.


I look to Dylan Thomas

and Theodore Roethke

and Auden and Kooser and Elena.


Robert Pinsky recommends

we make our own anthologies,

our own constellations of stars.


We don't quite emulate,

except perhaps if we're young

or if we're stuck.


But we try to get something

of the older poem's energies

into our own. An act of hope.

Poetry by Uncle Meridian The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-10-29 at 21:14

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When I met a 99 year old poet at his home,
He kindly asked me to write in my own way,
I was criticized for forced rhyme by some,
After reading my poems in his anthology,
He firmly told that I was on the right track,
I should follow it rigidly with no confusion,
He infused confidence to opt for originality,
I am fortunate to have had such a poet,
He was a close friend of late Abdul Kalam,
A great former President of Mother India!
Here the poet has finely placed his ideas,
I feel I am superbly guided by his write!