Death holds you close
Kissing your hands
Wrapping you with tainted intimacy
Its breath
Cool as the winter you love
As it silently kills the last rays of

Death leaves a mark on your forehead
Paint me red
Like the roses that turn
Black with age
As the grandfather clock tolls the
Last hour

Death holds your hand
And tells you to
Let go
The freedom of
Free fall
As you realize
You can't fly

Death caresses your face
Like the tears that have been
Pushed away
But it still brings comfort
And dulls you senses
And the smell of salt
Like the sea
Thick and red

Death falls softly around you
Blanketing you like
The snow
Which makes you
Comfortably numb
As you are stripped and weighed

Poetry by Feiyn
Read 787 times
Written on 2006-06-19 at 07:38

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Love Knight
i like the imagery. keep it up