When I wrote this
I was contemplating, writing
A story about a wind.blowing through
The horrid little house.
But than again,
This was my first draft.


There was a horrid man in a horrid house,
When he hunted in his horrid cupboard.
All he found to eat was a horrid little mouse.

Don't eat me squeaked the horrid little mouse,
For can't you see I'm just a reflection
of yourself, And if you eat me I'll give you

Continued that horrid little mouse,
For you see he had a horrid little plan.
How to trick that horrid little man,
Who lives in this horrid little house.

Please don't eat me just leave me alone,
Said that horrid little mouse.
"Can't you see I'm all skin and bones.
For if you don't, I'll grant you three wishes.
And as you make your mind up,
I'll even help you wash the dishes.

The first wish said that horrid little mouse,
Has to be something you want,
Not something that you fear.
The second wish should be,
something you hold dear.
Don't use the third it holds a curse";
Said the horrid mouse to the horrid man,
Who lived in that horrid house.

The horrid little man spoke,
To that horrid little mouse.
"I wish I could have enough food
To fill this horrid house".

Replied the horrid little mouse,
"I grant your wish your dreams".
All of a sudden the horrid house,
Was bursting at the seams.

Said that horrid little man,
"Cannot move you horrid little mouse.
I can only conclude,
You tricked me;
So you could eat the food".

The horrid little man,
Tried to twist this way and that.
In his horrid little mood for day's,
No matter how hard he tried,
He just couldn't reach the food.

The horrid little man spoke.
"I'm sure to reach the food,
In love and life I faltered.
I'm so thirsty I wish,
I had some water".

The horrid little mouse,
Said. "Granted". Torrent of water.
Filled that horrid little house,
Washing out the food. Through
The windows and doors.
With only a few morsels left,
In his hands and on the floors.

With belly grumbling,
He looked at crumbs.
Left within this horrid house.
"Not enough to feed a man,
I wish I was a mouse".

A swirling light moved around
him, In that horrid little house.
That's when he noticed,
That horrid little mouse.
Changing into a man,
As he changed into a mouse.

The man now spoke to,
The horrid little mouse.
There's only one way,
To leave.
This horrid little house,
Amend your ways. Or stay
A horrid little mouse,

Remember you can only,
Give three wishes.
When you're caught,
Other wise whatever
You say, Will come to

You have to recant
It, Verse by verse.
Otherwise you
Will become,
Truly cursed.

With that the man who was,
A horrid little mouse.
Opened the door,
Then left the
Horrid little house.

As he stepped out,
Into the pouring rain.
He smiled as it touched
His face, Closed his eyes,
And was Never seen again.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 68 times
Written on 2021-12-11 at 12:28

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