Changes are unavoidable, but we can control how we trudge through them.


things seem so different
something is off
a change flattering me
i accept its invitation

ignoring the troubles
looking pain in its red eyes
disregarding the agonizing screams
ripping a bandaid off that's been on for too long
my skin stinging from the burn
tender to the touch
but fierce within
i let out a yelp
as i wish death kidnapped me
but instead life stole me
trembling as the fumes engulf me
a change is coming now

a train moving at a 95mph speed
passengers read or observe the scenes
a daydream away from being free
music that'll be remembered in this very moment
nostalgic goosebumps trickle each seat
making memories
creating history
sun shining in their face
reawakening at the seams
to the new changes they made

the river calm as can be
a lost soul standing at the edge of her glory
the handwritten, crumbled note
her only remains
a leap of faith
wind blowing in her face
the loudest crash the world heard up to date
a pumped stomach and fantastical prayers later
her eyes widen
terror striking her
a gentle touch to her shoulder
hugs that turn into nerve wracking attacks
deep breaths that shape her head
changes run through her blood
and she's ready to win the race.

Poetry by SS
Read 117 times
Written on 2022-01-29 at 21:00

Tags Poem  Poetry  Changes 

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LacyxDevine The PoetBay support member heart!
This is so powerful. Tells the story from start to finish. Great job!


by SS
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