From January of this year.

Dark Grey Skies

Dark grey skies
have strewn ten
wintry inches (and
more is falling!)
on our ordinarily
bustling suburb.
What can hide
from the blind
bleak white of the
            But maybe
not so bleak.
It's new. It's pure.
It enlivens
drowsy eyes.
Snow is a queen
of candour, of
splendour. It is
deep pervading
soul-solace in
the midst of
worry and woe.
It is grace, it is
prayer that God
makes to herself,
that earth receives
as sacrament,
as communion.
And ancient trees,
all gnarly and
knotted up (those
tough old bastards!)
leave off their
grudges, abandon
reluctance and
raise their hands
in this sacred
dance of winter
stillness, to take
and embrace this
soft cold blessing.

Poetry by Uncle Meridian The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 78 times
Written on 2022-03-11 at 07:13

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I read this as a sort of ode to cool temperatures and winter's moods. With summer on its way, I'm already dreading the heat about to land on us soon. Sigh. A deep appreciation for the season (its harshness as well as its beauty) is what came across to me and it's one I identify with. It's of course beautifully described... you paint pictures with your words that are so richly satisfying. Just merci :)