A practical suggestion and solution

The Exhibitionist

An artist exhibits his paintings
and pays the gallery for his exhibition,
hoping the gallery visitors will pay for his paintings
by generous appreciative buys,
and sometimes this could be profitable.
Another does the same but without money
and with music and literature only,
presenting his creations on the web
to be downloaded free of charge for anyone.
There all his works of literature and music are found
directly accessible for anyone with access to the web,
the most open university to all the world
for people universally regardless of language and nationality,
exposing himself to criticism for doing this for nothing
without any other explanation that that he has no choice,
internet being the poor intellectual’s redemption,
especially since all other means have been closed to him,
being socially shut out on no other grounds than formalism,
being musically also excluded for insisting on melodiousness,
consistent harmony and pure tonality,
exposed as well to frauds, deceits and even robbery
by exorbitant taxation leading hopelessly to bankruptcy and ruin,
forcing him to live consistently under subsistence minimum;
so he has no other choice than to present his life’s work
in a permanent consistent all comprising exhibition
on the web, for anyone to visit and collect by downloads,
while everything remains intact by digital continuity anyway.

Essay by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-06-19 at 11:30

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