It is a new age of the denunciation of illusions,
by necessity by the awakening to shattering realities
that brutally disposes of old cobwebs of delusions
simply by the recognition and acknowledgement of lies.
A German poet, and the greatest of them, dared to once express
that it was good for mankind to be comfortably nourished by illusions,
thinking it was beneficial to be alienated from the whole truth,
since it could be cruel and bitter in its naked facts,
unable to foresee the two world wars with the phenomenon of propaganda
and the global harm it could result in by efficient brainwash of the masses.
It is time to do away with all that nonsense,
to dispose of all deceitful lies and to expose them all
for what they are, no more than treachery of mankind
by the violation and abuse of truth to substitute it with deception
for the sake of greed and profiteering at the cost of others.
All the empires have crumbled by the course of nature,
Hitlerís, Stalinís, Mussoliniís dreams are dead and gone,
while the great harm they did remains,
which actually was only the most human disability and weakness
not to recognize the fallacy of mirages in time.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2022-04-03 at 11:53

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