Last Night

During a tower-climbing
I listened to the bells toll from far away
The turmoil, cajoling the precipice of the world
The waning sounds of the gaits of the wells
The pilling drips of the weather

Yes, yesterday, the rain fell
And today it has welled up the waterless wells

For a long journey into the cumbersome glees
Of the morning grill, the windowed minds shuddered
The rain fell incongruously and the skies turned blue

I have heard the summers sing of the rain
The autumn cried and clabbered with the scabbard
The winning grin of the staccato
For again, the summers sing of the beautiful rain

Because it rained last night

Poetry by Katherine Nwelue
Read 687 times
Written on 2006-06-22 at 23:41

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The Charmed One
Real artistic and imaginative. I want you as a friend. Friend?