Within covid there's a hacking cough,

As though to the devil I've already lost.

Sometime after three A.M as needed,

Falling into a deep untroubled sleep.


Must have done something for my sins,

Heard a sound burst into the room.

She could have cackled on her broom,

Morning she bellowed as never before,

As she rattled the handle on the door.


Rude awakening from a deepened sleep,

Half baked dreams shook began to weep.

Disappeared a conscious woken shakes,

Does sleeping offend for heavens sake.


Mind cobwebs don't want to shake,

A coffee for me she decided to make.

She speaks to make the angels weep, 

"Would you mind if I went back to sleep?".




Poetry by Alan J Ripley
Read 43 times
Written on 2022-06-03 at 00:18

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