The sky opened the gates
and showed my face sometime ago.
Sweet scenes, spent with friends,
come to my mind.

All is stopped as clouds appear in the sky.
The clouds sift my tears
over the fertile cornfield.
The arid land hankers after my tears.
I wish to go back in time,
I wish to live again forgotten moments,
with the same force,
old-fashioned moments by the forgetfulness
that spread over us.

Suddenly, the memories are took back
from end to beginning,
defying space and time.

I found a moment,
in the past, that I liked a lot.
How much I wanted
to tarry at that moment.

The time, that is the supreme arbitrator
of the natural things,
he told me he would wait for me
for only a minute.

Poetry by Valentin Gabriel Cristea
Read 977 times
Written on 2006-06-24 at 10:55

Tags Memories 

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