A poem of appreciation and tribute for a best friend...

Must You Ask, What You Are to Me?

Must you ask, what you are to me?
Then let me say, and say it well.
You were a soul behind a mask,
a veil of what I could not tell.
Then, like a god, you took to task
my hidden pride cloaked in a shell.

Then you, intense and raven-haired
with wisdom fit for Pallas Athene,
became the one who has seldom dared
to be the ally I've never seen,
the confidante with whom I shared
my hope of things that could have been.

And so you're like a compass, a chart
and instrument to guide my paths
through sadness and a broken heart;
life's stormy trials and downdrafts
are less severe because your part
as friend lifts me so I again can laugh.

Poetry by Ngoc Nguyen The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 133 times
Written on 2022-09-18 at 14:59

Tags Bestie  Muse  Rose 

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