To Let Go

It feels like I fly too high, too much.
I let my presence hover over my loved ones
like a protective veil. They need
to be free, to make mistakes, to love like tomorrow isn't promised.
To be fascinated, bedazzled, astonished.
Disappointed, heartbroken

I stretch my arms around them - envelope them into a hug
make my little speeches about that potent drug
called infatuation
don't trust it - I proclaim
don't walk into that fire
that bittersweet pull of desire.

I remember
how wounded I was; how scared
of opening up those parts of me that bled
for someone to poke at them.
So hard to kill me, they tried
for better or worse - I survived.

I don't want
those precious hearts of my chosen family
to take repeated stabs like mine did -
I want the corners of their mouths freed
from anguish and pain - but I know -

that flowers need both sun and rain to grow.

Poetry by Eva
Read 179 times
Written on 2022-11-06 at 22:53

Tags Friendship 

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