A poem about the historic scramble for Africa.

Africa The Beautiful Bride

The beautiful bride for the world prepared,
by Europe's colonial powers divided.
Her priceless worth was seen and hardly spared;
hence the need to woo her was decided.
Two great superpowers made their advances,
as she danced before their lustful glances.
Now she's wooed by none other than the Chinese;
who dangle their bread crumbs and putrid cheese;
seeking relentlessly her heart to please.
Africa is no doubt a priceless jewel,
historically contested for by a duel.

Poetry by Joseph Ogbonna
Read 141 times
Written on 2022-11-20 at 23:43

Tags Africa  Beautiful  Bride 

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Those who don't know just don't know while silence yells louder than one's highest note. When the soil of the earth is toiled for the planting of new seeds I shall not forget the hissing and and the turning of heads wishing to fit in with the masses of fragile egos; Mother Earth hasn't any friends only those who are willing to remain obedient to the universal laws that govern ever act and reaction. I understand your pride and joy for the first shall be last and the original example shall resume its class.