Where do I go to get published,
Won't you help me please.
I've written what I've written,
Quicker than a sneeze.

It's only taken me two years,
To realize I have enough.
For me and my six kids,
With a whining winching wife.
Life has been quite tough.

Two sad year's to fill a book,
least that's how long.
I thought it may have took,
Being I'm self taught.

I'm only a poor dyslexic,
Who's sadly always been.
A bit of a useless wimp,
Who's mind is about the size.
Of an ill begotten shrimp.

With four brats and a wife,
That's not including myself.
The trouble that they brought,
A poor lexdysia lonely kid.
Who learnt nothing in life,
Apart from never getting

All I've gotten in this life,
Is two brats and a wife.
Who's not worth a halfpence,
Let alone a penny.
No I didn't say we had six kids,
In fact I didn't say I had any.

Won't you join me for a meal,
I have plenty spit roasting;
On an open fire,
A wife and kids you say.
No I never said I had,
Are you calling me a liar.

A wife and kids you say,
Do you wonder at there fate.
Or have you just realised,
What's cooking on the grate.

Now what would you prefer,
A little bit of him or her.
You can have an arm or leg,
Whichever that you prefer.

grabbing his coat and hat,
His face went an ashen white.
Glancing round the garden,
Looking passed the lights.

Noticing the six shallow graves,
He wondered and wondered.
Just what it was that he ate;
Then went running screaming
Through the garden gate.

Just then the wife an kids,
Came through the front door.
I yelled out I'm in the garden,
Come and take a seat.
There's plenty here to eat.

I've dug up those borders,
As you had ordered.
So you could plant your flowers,
You can see it took me hours.

"Why the Crosse's at the top?
She asked" so I laughed.
"Let's tell you a little story,
You may want to shed a tear.
That happened around now,
It's all about the Jehovah's witness.
That left here full of fear".

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 30 times
Written on 2022-11-22 at 11:47

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arquious The PoetBay support member heart!
What on earth did you tell those poor door knockers!?