A poem about Napoleon Bonaparte's historic conquest of Europe and the globe.

Napoleon's Victories

At Austerlitz I two nations vanquished;
making me historically distinguished.
At Marengo I had Austria subdued;
then I was to honour undoubtedly glued.
At the Pyramids, Mamluks kissed the sands;
then like a French Pharaoh I annexed their lands.
At Jena-Auerstadt, Prussia to her knees fell,
to avoid carnage, and possibly hell.
At Borodino, Kutuzov my boots licked,
as his Russian forces had their arses kicked.
At Ligny, Blucher like a coward fled,
as his smitten forces profusely bled.
At Toulon I first distinguished myself
for a career that would exalt oneself.
Rolica, Leipzig, Waterloo like curses came,
but history will forever my triumphs reclaim.

Poetry by Joseph Ogbonna
Read 184 times
Written on 2022-12-04 at 14:28

Tags Napoleon  Conquest  History 

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The poem gives lots of historical details,
But, the rhyming of the poem is superb,
All the best dear to write many more poems
And give us the same thrill like this one gave!

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
A wonderful and enjoyable account of the many ups, and the crushing downs, of a conqueror.