Be grateful:Console yourself is how i began with but by the end of the poem, i thought i am diffused, as if i have transcended the world of feelings and now i am. 




someone said 

is the consolation prize to happiness.


But i tell you

Being grateful is good

The moment i am grateful

i am in touch with what was

What it exactly was that made me so happy then

it connects me to my moment of happiness

and i am happy.


Its like the spell of midas touch that was

but this i call my touch

i touch the happy moments

those tangible and palpable dimensions in time

and i am happy

Not just feel happy

but happy happy.


and there is more to tell you

our love has infused into me

and i am love

O, the prince of mine.





Poetry by Sona The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 74 times
Written on 2022-12-16 at 21:21

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