a long time ago my ex bf and me went through alot but tis all cool now!!

horrible things..

You say horrible things,
But do you mean them?
You think nothing phases me,
But everything does,
You think im the perfect girlfriend,
But im the worst,
You think i could do no wrong,
But i can do nothing right,
You think im a tom- boy,
But its just an act,
You saw through my sheild,
But you stayed with me for awhile,
You soon found out there was another,
But you started to hate me,
You called me a slut and a whore,
But are you sure?
Your going out with my best friend,
But do you love her?
Like i said,
You say horrible things,
But do you mean them??

Poetry by sara
Read 599 times
Written on 2006-06-26 at 05:07

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Amanda K
confusing and i felt that there's something missed maybe u didn't say enough. anyhow, thx for joing us here in the site .
Best of Luck,

i know how you feel before i met josh i was in a similar situation. the truth of the matter is words hurt but they dont define us.

Love Knight
Words don't mean anything unless they are "i love you" Words can't hurt , but if actions are made then it's a problem. But i like the power of this write.