As we approach Easter, I'm will post a series of saga poems I wrote over a few years, which  deal fictionally with the Christian events that build up to Easter morning.


Miriam I

Dressed in serviceable spotless robes
Her demeanor savant adept but muted
Softly moving with polished grace
Around the table 
Serving the diners
Who deal with her as an afterthought
All the bowls and utensils exactly placed 
With pride of touch and inner peace
Her hallmark
Perfection in everything
And grace in serving
Simple caring dignity 
There are twelve this evening
Simple food for rough hewn men
With curiously gentle principles
Anxious and furtive this night
A momentousness evident 
In their glances and speech
Undertones of future dread
She moves invisible among them 
Her presence quietly calming 
In its predictable choreography
Seated they speak of past and future
Deeds and goals arguing 
As only fishermen can
While one sits back and listens
As a teacher would
The dinner finished He stands to speak
My brothers please take this loaf and wine
Share it as a memory of this night 
These days past and future
They did as bid and later
In twos and threes 
Bade their farewells
Until He alone is left 
Sitting in easy fashion 
As she clears the table of all left behind
Precious little due to the takeaways 
Spirited by each diner for hunger was a constant
She will be fed on the less than meager leavings
He looks and speaks
Your nobility of service does you proud
And lights my thoughts 
To the dignity of all who serve
Here take this gift as a token 
A simple cup which is my own but is
The icon of your work.
And perhaps in future icon of mine
May it remind you always 
Of the dignity of Service your
Deeds this night exemplify
The gift was unexpected 
Graciously accepted by one whose life was service
From one whose service was life

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Written on 2023-03-23 at 10:58

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