This is just me expressing what i think, its not to be taken as me attacking one individual poet or making remarks targeted to anyone, jus to what i feel through jus observing and communicating with some poets here.


i am by far not the best poet, i dont think i can say its a hobby of mine, maybe an outlet for some emotions when no one's around to talk to. so i may not be the best one to "judge" but its jus what i observed. i think the thing thats really disturbing to me is the fact that if a person does not have many friends on their list then its a safe bet, that person won't get many comments. comments posted on pple's poems are most times not genuine, jus to show "ooh i got 10 comments" or whatever. because i have observed many beautiful poems pass which very little input or opinions. and some comments on these poems are so vague like "awesome poem", i mean what is that? if u're gonna comment, critque, give your indepth opinion, i mean thats what the comments feature is for. poetbay has quickly evolved over the last months as jus a popularity contest, with very little pieces on the countless world events or anything that affects our daily lives. Some poets i have noticed even boast that they won prizes for "this" poem or "that" poem, which jus influences pple's decisions, i think, cus if someone happens to not like it, they think to themselves they dont know good poetry. i recently had a series of conversations with a poet here and i must admit along with their rude and condescending attitude they cud not stop blatantly boasting that they get "10 comments very often" and even proclaimed themselves as the "best poet on the site". Just last month this same poet, replied to a msg i sent to him/her about their work [i now prefer to msg rather than comment] and they replied "wow, i am honored you took the time to read my poetry" and was very humble. Now this poet's quality has not only diminished but their ego has clouded his/her sense as they proclaim to be "the best". because they get "3 times more comments than me". i mean there's a reason there's grades 1-5, why do we all jus use '5'? . just to finally cap this off:


Just to put that notion to rest, i would like to kindly ask anyone who replies to this or any of my future posts to please msg me rather than comment. thank you.


Poetry by Mischa Ash Brookes
Read 737 times
Written on 2006-06-27 at 07:01

Tags Ego 

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"best poet on the site" ?? Who the fuck said that?? Thats hilarious .
You have a point and you've got balls . I salute you for that . But commenting is diverse . Sometimes its even mood based . Sometimes analyzing every little sentence takes time I do not have, other times it doesnt. One of the best comments I ever got was a sentence that said "fantastic !", and that was on a poem with very few comments. An anthropological tip though , study this little mini-world good . Critique it , but study it good first. Im an anarchist so I will leave this as a comment . No harm meant.

Mischa Ash Brookes
Sure, i am open to discussions. No problem Arti, no worries.

Sorry - I hit the wrong keys - I didn't mean to comment here. I'm really really sorry. :(

A true poet is not he who can just write great poetry - but also appreciate others' work. You've been around long enough to know that....
There is no ego here - this is just a community of people who become friends through a common interest - poetry. Having a long friends list is no guarantee that you will get a lot of comments and ratings.
Rating a poem is a personal thing - if I really like the poem, I give it a 5. Methinks that is what all of us do - its NOT ego.
As for people calling themselves the best poet - you dont have to agree. It is their freedom of expression, and if you dont agree, just bypass the text and move on. Simple. You choose what you want to rate, what you want to see. Your comments and ratings are an expression of what YOU think about a poem - it is not necessary that others share your opinion!