a true incident that took place in my friends daughters life...

In His Mind

Thoughts race through his mind perverted and with so much desire,
as he approaches a young teenage girl
in his eyes so much fire...
His words pierce through her mind and grab at her heart,
this is her grandfather a man she has looked up to from the
With comments to hint his wanting this young girl,
He begins to unravel the corners in her world.
Corners painted with sweet memories, now filled with
The future has changed and yesterday is tomorrrow.
And I love you is I want you and I am here means
let me touch,
A young gurl sees the man dissapear that she once loved so very much..............

Poetry by Donna Lee Marie Balderama
Read 734 times
Written on 2006-06-27 at 09:40

Tags Pervert 

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