Too Much of a Good Thing

Too much of a good thing
brought an offspring
so loved that he hate,
Too much affection to a little boy
made every toy
what he couldn't appreciate.
too much admiration
made this creation
build a wall solid and tough.
Too much justification
caused the blame to go in another direction
and the best never good enough.

too much adoring
caused the whoring as he roams from
one bed to the other
Too much good looks, and not enough
equals the
instability with every lover.
Too much was too much
the results nothing to celebrate,
A man with a child inside
creates damage then runs to hide,
A man many have come to hate..........

Poetry by Donna Lee Marie Balderama
Read 887 times
Written on 2006-06-27 at 09:55

Tags Hate 

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