The sincere cry of a pacifist

The Hallmarks of War

Thunderous fighter birds,
loud torrential explosives,
blood thirsty Kalashnikovs,
monstrous and destructive tanks,
bloodshed by the river banks,
numerous catacombs interred,
dismembered bodies
on landscapes littered.
Vengeful hearts embittered,
countless tragedies,
misery corrodes like corrosives,
lawlessness without caution,
insanity without option,
hell is incessantly let loose,
for safety you may never choose.
Men of beastly testosterone
on vulnerable women predate.
Bastards are pervasively birthed;
the seed of hate and discord is sown.
Each course is decided by fate,
essentials are ravaged by dearth,
refugees to distant lands take flight,
as they hope that peace will be in sight.
Oh that men will cease to wage war!
Oh that men will peace adore!

Poetry by Joseph Ogbonna
Read 68 times
Written on 2023-07-08 at 01:30

Tags War  Pacifism  Peace 

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