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Residents of PoetBay, the world is waiting to receive a postcard poem from you!


Do you remember when those 'Wish you were here' holiday postcards arrived on our welcome mats just as we were leaving home for a hard day's work?  Those times are unlikely to return, but there is still a need for 'good news' postcards to be sent to our families and friends.


You are therefore cordially invited to write a postcard-sized poem on any subject that a postman/woman, not to mention the recipient, would find interesting to read.


We look forward to reading your cards! 





NB:  Of course, safety is first, so if you are unwell, or it would be too risky for you to go to the post office, you can post your postcard poem, along with a picture** of it, in the challenge here.  We want everyone to have the chance to participate in the fun!

** For all members who are holders of a Free account, and who would like to participate in the challenge by adding a picture of their postcard to accompany their poem, contact us, and we will set a free Supporter heart on your account for 10 days. Your pictures will remain on your posts after the expiration date.

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