Though She Leaves, My Muse Still Holds My Heart

Should my muse depart from me, I'd love her
still; and pen songs and odes of dulcet rhymes,
singing of love uncommon, and warmest climes
with hearts afire, for there's none above her.

But she feels great sadness; for she needs more time
to be free of me: for my sinful heart
has erred, and so betrayed her inspired art:
betrayed, she can no more for me sing sublime.

So my betrayal has made her feel unloved
by me; I beg her forgiveness to no
avail: silent, she turns away; to go
to her and tell her I sinned leaves her unmoved.

Muse? O Muse! Forgive my sin and return,
so your love for me will not cease to burn?

Sonnet by Ngoc Nguyen The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 149 times
Written on 2023-07-08 at 23:57

Tags Muse  Love  Infidelity 

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