Guarding the hours altering; their changes: My prey.

Fogcovered ― AWAKENED!, rising ― Dawning now lifts itself
swiftly roused, opened in the lightsoaked halls in the forest

and all night is missing ― for a moment, ― again.

(Worries bite ― a burden lingers on.)

Wandering up all the Pathís aged, burnt in, yearsteps,

standing upon flowering field islands,
leaving by my withering footprints

and catching torn thoughts ― when spoken my heart clears, ― to remain.

Lifeís heart, our hearts; are born matured.

So return, come you who listened, know the qualm cleanhearted;
on hateís and gladness terms here allowed to tenderly intertwine
with the lighthearted ― maybe sorrowfilled, enlightened Sunís routes.

I am proven ― when your shivers go cold, ― if you wake up.

Poetry by 1 SIGFRIDSSON The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 136 times
Written on 2023-09-10 at 15:09

Tags Life  Recovery  Sun 

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