When memories nourish life,

enforcing the unexplained to be obvious.

And what will befit our value will Will follow.

So little it takes to give life.


But when memories cut badly:

Searched for compassion; got cold, ignorant words
to an emptied shell where an unaltered enlightened should live.

So little it takes to give death.


You, Existence;
memory’s collected results from lived moments, listen:

Our lives are about deserving our identity.

Extract your presence with our left existence,
around here allow the insights’ sweetness be an antidote.

Here. We can cleanse the wrongs and turn the world right for us.

Never pull back!
Do not blame any irresolute chains!

But, find our repulsion against ideals without the normal insight:

Inside the other Worlds are shown all of our differences clarified.

Poetry by 1 SIGFRIDSSON The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2023-11-09 at 15:35

Tags Life  Death  Worlds 

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I LOVE this new style. I can't wait to read more