Finding these red shoes in a store,
I clicked the heels like never before.
Wondering as if I'm dancing gracefully,
Underneath the portal on the poet tree.

As I do my best to imitate Dorothy,
Going through the portal of reality.
I travel through an imaginary door,
Where I'm going to land I'm not sure.

Landing in some bizarre strange land,
I'm no twinkle toes or Alice in wonderland.
Or a bird tap tap tapping at the door,
Quoting edgar allan poe for evermore.

Traveling to many different galaxies,
Met a flummox and a idle flower tree.
I even stopped and chatted to a bumblebee,
When an anonamouse came up to me.

There's so many planets where I have been,
With grasses of so many different colours.
Some sky-blue only a few were actually green,
With fountains of twisted hues colours never seen.

Problem is I always need more and more,
Just a few the people of many colours.
Don't seem to know what there worlds worth,
As I climb into my poetry portal and leave,
This planet that they call earth.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 60 times
Written on 2023-12-03 at 00:03

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D G Moody
I'm with Sameen, you have this natural gift Alan, for making a seemingly easy poem speak, but I wouldn't dare try to emulate it. And 'anonamouse' what a delight!!

You’ve a tone of wonder in your poems i envy