I've used smoking and non-smoking,
In other poems that I wrote.
I know that this may not be right,
But I'm just a uncommon common bloke.


Mrs Ticketmaster please tell
Is this ticket for heaven or hell
Would there be a surcharge to pay
If I decided to stay for another day
Either way she wouldn't say

Wouldn't it be easier
if I found my own way
I've considered this just for you
Could I get to heaven faster
if instead I used deliveroo
Either way she wouldn't say

Mrs Ticketmaster
I know you're in the know
Couldn't you tell me politely
which way that I should go
I was wondering is there
A waystation along the way
Just in case I have to go
Either way she wouldn't say

Mrs Ticketmaster
Won't you find it easier
To stick a tracker on my back
That way if I should get lost
You could always get me back
When will we be traveling
Will it be night time or during day
Either way she wouldn't say

Hey Mrs Ticketmaster
I've just had a funny thought
I know that you're all knowing
So why won't you tell me
Which way I'll end up going
Is this ticket for smoking
or non-smoking
Either way she wouldn't say

Suddenly my enthrall spirit
Started to leave this celestial plane
Mrs Ticketmaster bent down to say
Don't worry dear I'll be seeing you again
I asked her will that be in heaven or hell
Either way she wouldn't say

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 35 times
Written on 2024-04-02 at 01:00

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