Glamour Queen, Something

This is screaming your throat raw,
You wanna-be rocker queen
She's stuck on the glamour
[She likes hot lights and hotter boys
Flip that emo hair, you]

This is heart-breaking, mind-fucking
You make the boys feel oh-so-sweet
She's mommy's little headbanger
[She likes singing about your tragedies
but you can never tell her no]

This is flashbulbs in your eyes
You think you're blind but know you're not
She likes the lies she's force-fed
[She likes your shirt pulled up, yeah
and her fingers on your hipbones]

This is everything and nothing at all
This is painful because you don't know better
She secretly wishes she was five again
[She wants to be your something
But she doesn't know she IS some thing]

Poetry by Inked.
Read 603 times
Written on 2005-08-21 at 21:25

Tags Expectation 

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
this makes me think of my good old punk rocker days, damnit i am getting old :D


this is slamming, sad, left me feeling like i'd been inside a thrashing crowd at a rock concert, looking for the doorway out.

a five, most certainly.

Yesss! The punk-rocker does PMS poem!