Crimson Tears

My pain is your pleasure
My hurt is your gain
My suffering makes you smile
While i'm lying here in pain
You see me bleeding
And watch for sheer enjoyment
You call me a friend.
It's a good thing I don't do the same
You love to see me crying
You are the one who's causing
Me to be slowly dying
My crimson tears bleed
Through my eyes
From my soul
You're the one who's stabbed me
with your actions
You have no regrets
You enjoy my pain
You smile away the guilt
The guilt?
Yes, though it no longer exists..
For you're killing your soul as well
And the pleasure you get from my delirium
Is sickening
You cry with each laugh I let out
You die a little bit
With each smile my dusty face
Cracks open with
My gleaming teeth pierce your soul
With no less pain than you have caused me
You have no regrets
As you continue to kill me
I tried to stand on my own
To be happy on my own
It fails as everything i do does
You're killing me
You've killed me
You watch the blood puddle
Inside my my soul
As those crimson tears
Pour from my eyes
My eyes are gleaming at you
Daring you in my discomfort
"Is this all you can do?"
I'm prepared to die beacuse of you
I'm prepared to cry because of you
I've done it my whole existence
But that does NOT mean I will give in easily
And all you can do is laugh at my pain
I tried to stand on my own
You only shot me to my knees again
While I'm laying here in pain
I realize..
My pain is your pleasure
My tears are your feul
My hurt is your gain
My suffering.. is your smile
My pouring blood is your battery for life
You feed off of my pain
As i die..
All I can do
Is spite you..
So I smile..
And watch you die a little inside...

Poetry by sacred_tears
Read 504 times
Written on 2005-08-22 at 00:32

Tags Cold 

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Commentally Ill
(was just reading ange1a's essay, and re-reading to see what i get out of it.....)

no, i still see the same thing, it is definitely about carebears.


it hurt to read this. whoever would watch another's pain for sheer enjoyment, is cruel. (makes me sad, that people make one another feel this way)

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
it's a hard life sometimes, and our parents can seem to be the ones who cause all the pain, a good rant.

peirce - pierce
welll - well
delierum - delirium
existance - existence

laying i think would sound better if you used while i lay here in pain. or lying here in pain.