Love is overrated

Love is overrated,
there is no romance
worthwhile the words
they would have to steal from
what really goes on
behind the shiny surface
of desires and dreams.

There is no god
that will fix your aches,
no community that will truly
hide you from what you are,
no political view
that will feed your fire,
no hidden agenda
you can count on.

You are, and have always been,
on your very own.

Words by Bob The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 996 times
Written on 2006-07-05 at 19:03

Tags Dreams  Romance  Love 

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Sorry, I meant to rate it a 5, my mistake.

I must disagee with some of the other commenters. I think Love and romance is very much over rated. I have seen many adult relationships and they are nothing like some poems and stories suggest that real relationships are like. Some people say I am too young to get it, but they are wrong. I do not agree with what you said about "No god" But other then that I think everything you wrote is very true. BM

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Dear Bob, I have read all your poems here and saved this one for a bookmark, which I consider the best one for its hidden meaning and 'dubbeltydighet' - a very subtle and ambiguous poem and 'a must read text' to constantly have available. I would rate almost all your texts with a '5'.

Kathy Lockhart
hmmm Bob, your poetry mechanics are good as far as i know. I just don't agree with your opinions expressed. You have them and you expressed them well. I don't know you so I will not judge. I do hope you are content and happy in your beliefs. But, I fear you are not. kathy

Love cannot be rated. There is faith, there is a God, and no one is ever alone.
I'm not a zealot for religion or anything - I'm just another traveler on the path of life. I used to belive I was alone for I saw one set of footprints on the lonely road I walked. Found I wasn't tiring at all, coz an angel was carrying me. An angel of love.
Romance - is fantasy, sure. A fantasy, that, while it lasts, makes one look forward to tomorrow. Everytime.

Love Knight
I'm sorry this comment and rating is 0 because of what love means to you. Love is the most precious thing that can exist in one's heart. The God of peace and love placed it hear in my hands, i have placed it in the one part where no one can touch it. No, love is not overrated, because love isn't one to be rated at all. Love is a feeling, can you rate sad, happy, joy, tears, no! Can you rate love, nope, I thought so.!!!!!!! Rate:0
I am not alone, maybe you are, love finds that one spot in your life to make all your dreams and desires come true with someone so special to you.