I love Anna, but now I'd really like to make a poem to a cat, enjoy :)


Wonderful day, wonderful times.
Find you between cardbords, right there where you're lying down and yawning so sweet.

Take you with me back home and nurse you - Give you milk, wash you very gently and let you walk around, so you could get to know the place.

I'm so proud of you, my little cat......

Take you to the park, where you seem to enjoy yourself.
We bump into some mean people, who takes you up and then kick you right up in the air......

*Splash*, you fall down so hard from the brightblue sky,

I'm struggling to get off of my sister, who's keeping me so tight.

I'm crying and crying and crying,
seems like the tears doesn't have any limits.

Damn those mean people, who just then takes you up again and throws you right into the ocean, as if you where nothing.

Sits down on the bus and can not forget you,
Forgive me for seeing me, didn't mean for you to die like this......

Poetry by Chuke
Read 647 times
Written on 2006-07-08 at 19:25

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I am so sorry to hear of this kitten...people who are mean to animals, especially cats..are the scum of the earth in my eyes. No different than abusing a child..

Zoya Zaidi
Today we had thunder and lightening,
Our first Monsoon showers.
When it cleared,
I went a friend's wedding;
On my way back, as I was climbing up the stairs,
I saw a wet street cat,
She was huddled on the stairs,
Shivering a bit on my footmat;
I invited her in,
and gave her a bowl of warm milk
She looked up at me with wet eyes,
And began to purrrrrrrr!

**Hugs Chuke**
Love, xxx, Zoya