When my worst fear came true

and my lips turned blue
I saw my life passing
before my eyes

I caught the midnight train
and rewritten the end of my life
I don't have to turn my back

to my past, it is just one more
page in the book of my life
written with a feather pen

the feather represents
my faith for a better future
and the ink is gold

As long as my blood
runs through my veins
I 'll always have a chance

to turn the coal to gold,
because what determines
the title of my book is

how I used my free will,
what choices did I make
everytime I gave my soul

and died a litlle
from the betrayal
of my other half...

everytime someone
slowly killed my soul;
every chapter will say

that I have choosen to love
and not to hate my enemies
I forgave those that didn't

deserved to be forgiven
cause they didn't knew better
and gain something valuable

Peace of mind, death can
take me whenever he wishes to
I know that I have done the

best I could and that's enough;
page 398 love your enemy
as you love yourself, kill you ego

before it kills you, free your soul
from the thirst for power
and discover your hidden power

The title in my book will be:

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-07-08 at 20:57

Tags Fear  Love  Hate 

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Dan Cederholm

Hey Baby I rate this poem to 10 of 10

and you get a free bonus hughs and kisses!

You really write extraordinary and your free

will is a strong and verry cleaver woman!!!

Yes we must kill our ego but not our

personality . . .

Sincerely with hughs Dan!!!


F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
night... all i can say to this is you are an inspiration... thank you for being you :f

*hug* xx

Malin Johansson
Forgiving friends who doesnt diserve it is a very big strength.. I liked this poem...
Enjoyed it...

I love this optimistic, beautiful write.
Hugs for that never-say-die spirit!

A very beutiful poem =)

Zoya Zaidi
"and my lips turned blue
I saw my life passing
before my eyes"

Nice way to start a poem, hits you like a bolt of lightening!

Secondly let me congratulate you, on yor new life,
Let me congratulate you on a very well written poem,
And let me assure you that you will win-

**Fond Hugs**
love, xxx, Zoya