This are the feelings of someone who lost everything that he/she holds on to...

Words from the heart

There was a time in my life that loneliness conquers all, there is a hand inside of me trying to reach out o hold on to someone, and yet somehow I pull back because the fear of trusting others and being cast away kept threatening at the back of my mind.

The hurt, the tears, the pain... everything was left behind, hidden among so many memories. Letting go was the hardest thing i have ever imagine no matter how many great change it brought to me.

Smile is a frown, a laugh is a cry for help, joy and happiness are tears and hurt that i cannot let go. Every feeling is a shame and no matter how much you try to let go there is always the fear that holds you back.

It takes so much courage to let go and be free with our feelings and yet it is so much a pain to be shown how wek you are. Encouragement are lusted and yet they are scarcely given. Happinness are cherished but they are lost to the great pain. If there is ever a way out i would choose that path. However even in the middle of finding answers to every question the past memory is never forgotten as an example of what had been....

Words by syer
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Written on 2006-07-09 at 16:28

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