You can't uncover any other name for it,
Nor can you describe its true taste,
A secret recipe for a special occasion,
Inscribed long ago in the Malay traditions,
A mixture of flour, eggs and melted butter,
Kneed to form a delicate sphere,
Pale crunchy biscuit, true to its flavour,
Topped with sweet, white snowy icing,
It captures the true essence of a perfect biscuit,
A merging of both sweets and savory,
Simple concoction it may be but difficult to create,
A warm mother's hand you need,
And a pure heart of deep content,
It is no surprise to see the people it binds,
For as it rolls, it captures them all,
A perfect combination of taste and texture,
It's a delicacy, ideal for everyone's pleasure

Poetry by syer
Read 842 times
Written on 2009-05-02 at 10:37

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