Another sad poem, about death and how hard life can be. And also how awfull it is to be using drugs. I'm sorry if there's words written wrong, but I'm a norwegian girl and belive I'm alowed to write wrong here and there ;)

I'm still here

I still recall the wasted years,
your screaming voice and the rain of tears.
But was it wasted what we've been through,
all the years I spent with you?

My life is now just based on lies,
everything inside me dies.
I'd be the one to taste the knife,
if that would bring you back to life.

But I'm afraid...

I'd have the words I said unsaid,
to late now, my love, you're dead.
So many things I wish to do,
but everything I'd do with you.

All the harm I caused my dear,
made you live your life in fear.
I surrvived the shot we took,
guess death let me of the hook.

And now I'm alone...

Rain is falling from above,
tears from me they are my love.
I should be the dead and gone,
but things turned out so wrong.

Don't sit and wait where ever you are,
distance will be forever far.
Just think of me when you've got time,
I'm in the words you write in rime.

Poetry by Bowjonozz
Read 765 times
Written on 2005-08-23 at 17:08

Tags Sadness 

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another good write, full of feeling.

keep 'em coming :)

Thanks for your comment!
No hard feelings here, I'm glad you show me where I write wrong!! That might help me become a better writer.
I'm very thankful!!
And yes, it is sad with drugs and watch all those who die because of it. Hopefully I get out someday.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
well by pointing out the words that are wrong, i am not trying to be mean or anything, i am just saying this is how it should be!

to late now - too late now.

surrvived - survived.

where ever - is one word, wherever.

rime - rhyme.

well so many take drugs and they see the effects of them everyday with people dying. it is a risk we take if we choose to take drugs, i have many times in the past. it is sad when people die so.