Written for those who wants to or allready have ended their lives.

You Suicidal Spirit

Was it to much to ask
for a reason
to live?

Is death really worth
all the pain
you give?

Was a helping hand
to get?

Did you ever think
your time wasn't over

Longing spirit
with so much pain
to ease,

did you find your freedom,
did you find
your peace?

Did you ever think
of those
you left behind?

Did you really think
they'd be
just fine?

For what reasons
did you choose
the end?

No, I'm not mad
I'm just sad
my friend.

Those you left
they wonder
and cry.

Alone with the questions,
they wonder

Poetry by Bowjonozz
Read 2041 times
Written on 2005-09-28 at 17:08

Tags Sadness 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
The only reason why I haven't is because
of friends like you, Marie, Zoya etc...
and of course my cats.
Really well written.

I love it...so full of truth! Everyone who considers suicide should read this...

Sad and beautiful poem..

An interesting beautiful piece that takes you one more step above reality! This is what poetry is all about. Loved it. Keep up the writing.

Suicide is not an option,just don't do it!I had a friend,he committed suicide 2 weeks ago, hard to accept and there's a lot of questions, just don't do it...need someone to talk to, mail me!!!

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
there is an im message box you realise? click my messages, people dont have to say thanks in the poem, they can reply to comments in an instant message.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
a thank you is done by way of going into their poetry etc. there is more than one way to say thanks. the way it works really is if people comment they will hopefully be returned the favour, ok not everyone will stick to that, and not everyone has to do that, no one is saying hey do it or die lol just get involved a little. but enough on this, people will do whatever they want to i suppose, and the more said about commenting people will probably not comment just to be awkward, that's the way. i don't speak for all in here i just say if you are posting, comment too and it will lead to more interest in you and your work, not just you personally, but all who post. that's my final word on it, i am becoming sick of the issue, if people want to comment or not who cares eh, we'll all do whatever we wish to.

I understand :)
But I won't give 5 to anything!! I gave 3 to one too...not that it matters though, but I guess you've read the one I ratet 5. I really thought that was that good!! I don't give 5 to be nice, I give what I give because I mean it.
And I'm sorry if I seem uninterested, but I don't know what to say. I read so many comments with great words, and all I can say is that I really liked what I read or that I think it is really good. My english is not at all good.
Don't know if you understand what I mean, it's hard to explain...

But if I should say something else too, just a little something I've noticed. It's not(!!) many who likes to give comments to people who don't apreciate it (Iknow I wrote that wrong, sorry!)
A simple thank you would be enough. Many don't respond to their comments, I do. I've read a lot of poems with comments in here, not many write back and say thank you... I just think you should think about that too ;)
I really don't mean to be rude or anything about this, but you've told me what I can do better and I respond as good as I can to that.
And I'll do my best to show more interest when I come in here :)

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
and just rating 5 to everything is not what i mean either! be real, all we ask is that if you come here to post your work to be read, show a little respect to others. go and interact, just use some common courtesy, it is not too hard to do.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
aye, but we post not only to just read and you know it. it is important to comment yes, i think so. we learn from others about our poetry, how it is viewed for one, if we have made any mistakes to name but two. how are we to improve if we have no one say anything? we can look at our own poems a thousand times and miss every time if there is a mistake etc in it, it takes others to notice things like that. this site is interactive, that is why there is a link in poems - to be interactive! we create a community of like minded people, who appreciate poetry. It is not important that you comment on everything you read, but showing a little interest is a start!

Wow :)
Nice respons!
Yes, I said I didn't write just for the comments, I write because I want people to read, that's what's important for me. And I didn't mean in anyway to say that this site is low in anyway!! I like this site, and I do take time to read poems here, and so many are very good!! But if it is so important that I comment everything I read, I'll do so.
Hopefully none of you think I'm mad now, because I'm really not. I'm very glad you tell me such things. Now I know what I can do better :)

And by the way, thanks for helping me!! Seems I really need all the help I can get ;)

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
well i think you should post comments to others really or not many people are going to bother reading your work posted here and that would be a waste of time posting in the first place! you say it is not the reason why you post, for comments, i think anyone who says that is lying. of course you want comments, you want to see what other people think of your poetry. you are in the other site, ok, but you post here too, is this site then not worth your time except to leave poems? it seems that way by your words. some here are working with the goal in mind to get people more active in this site, so that when others look in they will think oh this seems lively and will hopefully join and post etc. yet so often we are seeing posts made and people not bothering to get involved. it's sad really, that you think this site so low as to not bother with the souls here.

by the way first line here to - too, though why i should help you with your poem i fail to see but i will anyway.

Yes it's always nice to find a comment, but that's not my reason for writing :)
And I'm not often in here, but I have given comments my self, though I don't remember to who.

Mostly I'm on another poem site, and there I always give comments to the poets.
But if you wish I spend more time commenting in here, I just might do so :)
Thanks for taking the time to write ;)

Thank you so much for your kind words!
It's written out of own experience.
I once was among those who sees the end as an only option. But after seeing how people react to this sort of thing, I just couldn't do it and asked for help instead.
Once again, thank you so much for your comment!

John Ashleigh
This is amazing. This really reflects the effects of what suicide leaves behind, and I love it so much I will give this a 5, and bookmark it. Brilliant.