It's so easy to write about painfull things...

In death is my peace

Like morningrain is my tear
that slowly falls
and whisper my fear

My body dies and turns to colourful leaves
and my mind is reflecting
all my disbelives

Death arrives, I have to go
I might be young
but I've never cared for the living show

Bury my ashes, plant over a tree
that the pain will disapare
I'm to blind to see

Angels of dawn is calling my spirit
life, a game
didn't know I was in it

Strength disapared like my lust for life
now I'm asking death
to let me be his wife

Somebody cares of course I know they do
and I really hope they know
I care for them too

But the angels are calling and I want to go
to the place I can rest
away from lifes show

Poetry by Bowjonozz
Read 1351 times
Written on 2005-08-23 at 17:18

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Thank you so much for your comments!! It really means a lot!!
There's probably many wrong spellings, but my english ain't perfect :o)
I'm just a norwegian girl, so there is still work to do with my english.
And you are right, my heart is in this one, well I leave my heart in almost everything I write, because I usually write about real things and feelings.
Thank you so much again for your comments!!

"find peace in life, or you will never have peace in death" someone said that once, mighta been me just now. :)