I was sitting in the rain.. next to a flower pot.. in that flower pot there was a little white flower.. next to me on the fround was also one.. dead =[ this made me think about how fragile life is.. weather it's for a flower or someone else.. I guess t


"hello stranger," says the
flower pettle.
"how do you breathe?" in relief

says the green flower leaf.
"in rain I bathe!" laughs
a little white pettle

how do you breathe?"

"I dance with a ray of sun"
nods the little flower pettle.

"but breathe?
do you.....

In time the water weighs down the white pettle
"No longer do I bre..."
And with a last breath she falls down.

Poetry by Nora
Read 848 times
Written on 2006-07-27 at 05:27

Tags Flower  Breathe  Relief 

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