S basicaly this is one of my favorite cause it's .. well .. different?

Does it Make a Difference?

I am wearing two socks, each of a different color/
What does a red sock mean?
If I wore two socks and both of them mathced,
How different would my feet seem?

My left hand nails are purple,
On the other hand they're green.
If both hands' nails were the same,
Would the sameness in both hands be seen?

I am laying on two pillows:
One pillow is colorful, the other is plain.
If both pillows were the same,
could I possibly go insane?

I am in my bed physicaly,
But in my head I'm somewhere else.
But I were here mentaly and physicaly,
Would it really make much sence?

I once wrote a poem in pencil,
Now I am writing in pen.
What if I didn't write at all?
What if this is where I end?

No, I couldn't do that
But at the same time I could,
But just cause you COULD do something,
Does it mean you should?

We always have two choices: Pick the good or the bad!
But what about the thing in the middle?
-The something you WANT,
but no? you can't?

I bump into two men in the street,
While one is black and one is white.
But what if people saw heart, not color,
Would things in the world be right?

If I asked and if and a who.
My mind is set. My mind is in a trance.
I love the feeling of mystery and excitement.
Do my words make any sence?

Poetry by Nora
Read 909 times
Written on 2006-08-22 at 10:38

Tags Questions  Difference 

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