a nostalgic piece inspired by people and places

French Leave

I would like to stowaway in the plane,
Would you dare to come?
As I escape from all that is mundane,
And attempt to find what it is I'm searching for.

The dirt has all been unsettled now
The demolition over and done with.
How much leeway does the axe still allow
Before I am able to chop?

Who is it stepping onto the runway,
Running after the moving vehicle
Migrating through the games we play
Surely not you.

Of course I would ask you, but
Would you come?

Would you venture into all I dare
To throw you into?
Dance with me along the cobblestones
And revel in the fairylights,
So quaint and colourful?

Will you be comfortable relaxing, looking out
On the open road,
Roofless, headscarves wrapped round hair,
Air through our fingers
And music pulsating through melodious.

So tell me,
Will you come?

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 632 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 03:59

Tags Hope  Joy  Romance 

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