haha I am taking advantage of this and letting people read my thoughts.. I am just random.

I really don't know?

I'm over at Rena's again... but thats a good 'again'

shes sleeping.. ahhahah loser! sleep is for the weak!

me?=all nighter...

dont know y!

i guess even more things than usual on my mind tonite... probably especialy since [someone] left 2 days ago.. tear tear

so rena the crackhead... haha yea i dont know...

she got drunk and took all her clothes off... dont know y!

also talked about some random things noone should EVER hear,, but hey

so i dunno y im pushing [enter] twice today..

i guess im just cool like that

were going to the lake tomorow... im calling it THE LAKE cause I dont know the actualy name... or where it is..

SO? sue me!

i just looked at jesses pictures.. dont know why... haha but my comments rock

i think my head wants to like deatach from my body! and then i cud be like a cochroach and live without it for 2 weeks... and then get hungry.. damn

Words by Nora
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Written on 2006-08-01 at 06:53

Tags Head  Sleep  Lake 

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